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Published on February 4th, 2016 | by Henri


Mildew odor in lower level of raised ranch

Q.  We recently moved to a raised ranch house. One of the rooms on the lower level has a persistent and harsh mildew smell. We have checked thoroughly and find no water escaping into the house.

The floor is carpeted and we have had the carpet cleaned. We’re thinking the odor might be from a flood or leak some time ago which has dried up but left the smell. At any rate, is there anything we can do/use to get rid of it? Thanks so much in advance for your always wonderful advice and information.

A.  You mention that the bedroom is on the lower level of your newly moved into raised ranch, and I assume that the lower level is partially below ground. These rooms are normally cooler and more prone to dampness, and carpet and padding are likely to develop a mildew smell.

The immediate remedy is to spray Nok-Out in the air of the room after trying it on a small, less conspicuous area of the carper to make sure it does not stain it; it shouldn’t, but it is best to make sure. If that is not enough to get rid of the mildew smell in the air, and after ascertaining that spraying the carpet itself will not damage it, spray Nok-Out directly on the carpet.

But to accomplish complete removal of the mildew odor, surface spraying may not be sufficient if the mildew smell is generated from the padding. You may need to have the carpet cleaned again with a one-to-ten ratio of Nok-Out to the water in the reservoir of the cleaning machine (8 to 12 ounces of Nok-Out per gallon).

You can get Nok-Out online at This is a distributor that ships anywhere and offers great personal service and advice.

To keep the odor out for the longer term, raising the heat in the bedroom during the heating season and using a dehumidifier the rest of the year should also help.

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