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Shower pan leaks

Q.  The forty year old one-piece cast shower pan in my stall shower has developed a small crack radiating from the floor drain to the front edge of the shower pan. Is there some way to successfully seal such a crack and prevent water from leaking onto the ceiling below the shower?

A.  The simplest, but not necessarily the best or successful, repair is to clean the shower base thoroughly, including the crack (using an old tooth brush). You may need to use a fan or hair dryer to dry the crack then work bathtub caulk into the crack with a latex glove on. Follow this with a sealer, which you should be able to buy from a tile store.

The surest repair is to replace the shower base or have it recovered by companies specializing in this type of repair.
You should be able to find a local one by calling the nearest plumbing-supply dealer.

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