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Garage floor slopes in wrong direction

Q.  In our garage, the floor slopes from the center towards the exterior walls. This has led to damage to the plaster-board on the wall. I want  to correct this and have learned there are services available that will let one raise portion of the floor to level it correctly.

When searching the Web I came across a few sites and services but none in our area and there is no one who may service this area either. Any possibilities you may suggest would be appreciated.

A.  I am not sure, but the services you found on the Web are probably mudjacking, which may be appropriate if the edges of the concrete slab have settled, causing severe cracks from the front to the rear of the garage. Mudjacking services could be used to raise these settled sides.

It’s a moot question, though, if there is no one offering the service near you. In any case it is an expensive procedure, and one mostly used in commercial applications.

Without more information, I am more inclined to believe that the finishing of the slab was done in such a way that water drains to the side walls – an obvious error – rather than to the front of the garage.

To correct the problem, consider cutting off a few inches of the plasterboard, and insert a metal Z-flashing behind the plasterboard. If you can determine that the bottom plates of the walls are made of pressure-treated wood – as they should be on a concrete slab, replace the removed gypsum board with a pressure-treated board set in a heavy bead of caulking.

But if the bottom plates are not pressure-treated, you should coat them with a wood preservative and fill the gap left below the gypsum board with a vinyl-reinforced cement mix placed over the existing slab and shaped as a cove to contain any water running to the edges of the slab.

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