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Renewing concrete balconies

Q.  We live in a 7-story condo with 60 balconies, each with 70 square feet of concrete deck. There was one coat of paint put on the decks about seven or eight years ago. It was the wrong paint and is beginning to flake off and must be removed.

Two contractors have suggested to apply  Sonoguard from D-BASEF Co. but of course that is very expensive. Is there another durable sealer less expensive that you suggest? Most of the decks are in good shape. A few decks need some repair, nothing major. Would a repair mortar such as Sika Top R111 be a good choice?

A.  If the needed repairs are not too extensive, the decks can be patched with Thorocrete, and the decks can be protected from moisture and water penetration with Thoro Concrete and Masonry Sealer, a penetrating water-based sealer that forms a chemical bond with mineral molecules.

The existing paint will have to be completely removed. This can be done with a gel paint remover, but you need to make sure that it will work on the existing paint, so you’ll need to find out what was used.

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