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Published on April 8th, 2016 | by Henri


No easy way to get rid of moles

Q.  I have a significant problem with moles in my backyard. There used to be a product called Mole Away, but I contacted Scrypton Systems, Inc. and was told they no longer make it. Although they could not recommend another product, the representative advised me to look for products that have castor oil. Castor oil is what makes the moles relocate.

Can you recommend another product or method to deal with this problem in the kindest way without hurting the moles or the environment?

A.  Castor oil does not work very well, which is probably why Scrypton Systems stopped making Mole Away. There are not many humane ways to get rid of moles.

A more practical method would be to eliminate their food supply – grubs. Milky spores will kill Japanese beetle grubs, but it takes several years for the spores to be effective. Garden centers and hardware stores sell products to kill grubs.

I have also tried electronic devices that emit a pinging sound every few seconds. These devices are supposed to cause the moles to relocate, but I haven’t had much success with those either.

A long-time entomologist friend has told me that moles are our best friends as they are a natural control of grubs, so you can let them do their work by not using chemicals to kill the grubs.

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