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Cleaning a clogged drain

Q.    Can you recommend something short of a costly plumber’s visit to solve a bad shower drain clog, something which is plumbing-friendly and which will not harm the tub’s Bathfitter ceramic finish?  Many thanks.

A.    If the shower drain is completely clogged, you may want to try the plumber’s best friend — an old-fashioned plunger. Pneumatic plungers are also available; they discharge a blast of compressed air that may dislodge the plug. Hardware stores also carry snakes that are inserted in the drain and twisted until they reach and dislodge whatever is causing the clogging.

If the drain is simply slow or sluggish, try Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda; you should be able to find it in the detergent section of your supermarket. The instructions for opening sluggish drains are on the side of the box. It’s also a good practice to use Super Washing Soda regularly in all drains.

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