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Skunk odors at lake cottage

Q.  We went to our lake camp to open it for the season this past weekend and were greeted with the most pungent skunk smell.
We don’t know when the “event” took place, but it was after we closed the camp last fall.

Our camp is built on wooden posts and is open underneath, but there is very little space to crawl under. The space is not closed up. We left it open for ventilation. Do you know how we can get rid of this foul odor? Otherwise, there is no way we can enjoy staying there.

A.  I am sorry about your dismal discovery. A skunk may have made a nest under your camp and somehow got a scare that caused it to discharge its weapon.

The most effective way I know to get rid of any offensive odors is to spray the area with Nok-Out. You can buy it online at: www.nokout.com.
I have used it extensively with complete success, including under a similar circumstance many years ago when a relative suffered the same kind of affront.

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