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Published on June 23rd, 2016 | by Henri


Repairing a crack in a fiberglass shower

Q.    I have one of those fiberglass shower surrounds and I put a ding in the floor when I dropped a wrench while repairing the shower head.  At first it just looked like a black mark but now I can see a very small (1/16th of an inch) hairline crack.

I was always taught “a stitch in time saves nine.” Is there a glue or epoxy or filler I can use to prevent this from spreading and getting worse?  I don’t want a leak or to have to replace the surround. The color of the surround is beige.

A.    Unfortunately, this is not an easy DIY repair. Your best option is to ask a plumbing-supply house to direct you to a fiberglass repair service.

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