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Published on August 18th, 2016 | by Henri


Stains that protect a cedar deck

Q. We added a large deck to our home two years ago. The contractor used knotty cedar wood. I was told that the wood should be allowed to dry a bit before applying stain. The next spring, I stained the deck using Olympic Maximum Clear Sealer. Now, a year later, we have two problems. First many boards on the deck have developed long horizontal cracks. Secondly, the stain is peeling off the deck in many places down to the bare wood. I’m wondering about the cause of the cracks and if you have a suggestion about what type of stain could be used that will adhere better to the deck. We live in New Jersey and the deck has a southern exposure.

A. It would have been best to treat the wood shortly after installation. The wood used is not of top quality and the long horizontal cracks are due to the wood drying  under  the sun. You will first have to completely remove the failing stain and get down to the bare wood. In my experience, the best coating for cedar is Amteco TWP, which comes in several hues and formulae. Check out Amteco’s TWP website www.usetwp.com, click on Products and select what will suit you best.

You can buy Amteco’s TWP directly from the manufacturer or by clicking on Retailers on their website.

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