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Published on September 23rd, 2016 | by Henri


Replacing gutters that keep getting clogged

Q.  I hate the gutters on our house. They’re typical of the gutters you see on most houses and their design is very poor. It would seem the only thing they excel at is getting clogged up, so I am eager to replace them.

Tell me: where does one buy the large commercial gutters you recommend? (I’m beginning to think that NO gutters is a possible solution. At least then, ALL of the water coming off the roof doesn’t go to one corner).

A.  Look in your yellow pages or do an Internet search under “Gutters and Downspouts” to find firms in your area listing 6-inch commercial gutters. They should also install 3-inch by 4-inch downspouts, commonly used with 6-inch commercial gutters. These should end your clogging problems.

I cannot recommend any of the gutter toppings offered at high prices, as all of them I have looked into have one or more problems.

If the grade around your house slopes gently away, and you have good drainage, an alternative is the Rainhandler (pictured above), Water coming off the roof hits several horizontal “Venetian blind-like” flaps that scatter the rain over a larger area than it would with no gutters at all, so it does not cut a trench at the roof’s drip line.

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