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Published on October 5th, 2016 | by Henri


Mice in the attic

Q.  Our problem is mice! They invade our attic. We set up two traps a day, and get two mice daily. Recently, we didn’t check the traps for four days, and when we did, we discovered that the dead mice had been eaten to nearly nothing. We’re concerned about putting any poison out since neighbors have cats, and we don’t want them harmed by eating a poisoned mouse.

Our 42-year-old brick house is fairly sound. Where are these mice coming from and do you have suggestions as to what to do?

A.  For cats to get into your attic, you must have some big hole! It is more likely that the mice simply decomposed; they usually do so in just a few days–this is one way to tell if a dead animal smell is from mice or a larger animal.

Mice only need very small holes – 1/4-inch is enough, so it is very difficult to keep them out of a house, and even more so from an attic, unless extra caution is exercised in the construction – a very daunting task.
You could try one or more sonic mice repellers, although I have not had much success with them. They need a clear field and an electric plug. If you do want to give them a try, they are available in most hardware stores.

Another strategy is to disperse laundry dryer sheets, such as Bounce, throughout the attic. A number of my readers have mentioned the success they have had with these in RVs and summer camps to keep mice out.
Moth balls have also been used successfully, but you should not use them if the attic is used to store items that would be affected by the lingering smell and is also used by people or pets.

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