Pests Skunk on backyard patio

Published on October 5th, 2016 | by Henri


Skunks wandering on the patio

Q.  We enjoy sitting on our patio on warm summer evenings. Candles for light, incense burning to keep away mosquitoes. However, we are driven inside by wandering skunks. They bumble across the patio, walking right under our glass top table, while we are sitting there. Is there any way to discourage the skunks without increased lighting?

A.  A friend who has more expertise than I have on this subject says that there must be a den nearby, and that you should have the skunks removed, as they are rabies carriers. Apparently, skunks that are living in cities have no fear of humans and do not spray easily since they do not feel threatened, as they are themselves offended by their own smell. (However, it is a good idea to have Nok-Out on hand in case they do decide to spray.) Call your state’s Fish & Wildlife Service or search the Web for licensed trappers in your area who will come and catch the skunks in Havahart traps and take care of the problem.

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