Caulk Sikaflex 1a

Published on October 13th, 2016 | by Henri


Caulking for a wood porch

Q. Please, I would like to know the best type of caulking to use for an outdoor wood porch? Thank you.

A. After having been introduced to Sikaflex 1-a in the late ‘50s, a polyurethane compound, I have used nothing else. Sika makes many products for the construction industry that are available internationally. There are also several other polyurethane caulking compounds under other brand names. Unfortunately, these compounds are not usually found in hardware and paint stores or even most building-supply houses. They are carried by construction-specialties houses, such as A.H. Harris (, although I have found several other Sika products in the masonry department of Home Depot. One compound was Sikaflex Construction Sealant, which looked very similar to Sikaflex 1-a.

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