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Repelling squirrels

Q.  We live in a lovely wooded neighborhood. We have a serious problem with squirrels. There are too many of them!
Earlier this spring, I planted pansies around our walk and in planters on our deck, and I was furious when I looked out the next morning to find squirrels devouring my flowers.
Do you know of a way to keep them from destroying my flowers?

These rodent nuisances are also getting into our various bird feeders and cleaning the seeds out.

We have tried a variety of bird feeders over the years, but they have not been discouraged; they manage to chase the birds and get to the seeds. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

A.  Try Shake-Away Rodent Repellent Granules, which are available online at On their site, you will see a list of pests environmentally controlled by Shake-Away. Choose the one for squirrels; the containers come in different sizes and you don’t need much.

If you have more questions, you can call Shake-Away on their toll-free number: 800-517-9207.

We have used it with great success to control squirrels digging into flower beds. The base ingredients for Shake-Away are interesting: they are pellets impregnated with coyote and fox urine.

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