Ventilation Dryer vent installed improperly

Published on February 17th, 2017 | by Henri


Dryer vent installed improperly

Q.  The attached photo [reproduced above] is of my clothes dryer vent. I have had to replace the wood boards on the stair landing with composite boards because the wood boards were rotting from the moisture created when I run the clothes dryer.

I had caulked the strip where the house and landing meet, but as you can see the caulk did not hold directly under the vent. Is there anything I can do to prevent this situation as the area is always moist and I’m concerned about the house cedar siding behind and below the vent trim always being moist.

A.  The vent was installed improperly. It should not have been set in the siding as shown in your photo. A block, preferably made of the new composite material available, should have been installed directly over the housewrap covering the sheathing, and the siding butted against it. The top of the block should be correctly flashed under the siding.

The problem you have now may also be caused by an improper seal at the joint between the vent itself and the exterior jack. This would disperse some of the moisture onto the siding behind the jack’s trim.

As for moisture directed toward the deck boards, consider installing a discreet metal deflector, properly flashed under the jack, that would deflect the hot air discharge away from the portion of the deck boards close to the house.

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