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Published on April 13th, 2017 | by Henri


Water leaking from chimney

Q.  Water is leaking in from cracks at top of chimney where the facing rock has a few cracks, but it is dripping BEHIND the facing rock and I can see it dripping in between the face and the actual concrete block chimney. Do both have to be fixed or will replacing the flashing be enough?

A.  Wind pressure may be forcing water behind the stone facing through the cracks in it, and the water drips down between the facing and the concrete chimney blocks.

If this occurs only where there are cracks in the stone facing, repairing the cracks should stop the leakage. To repair the cracks, have a competent mason fill them with an appropriate material that will blend with the existing mortar.  It is also possible that the chimney cap has a few cracks. Depending on the kind of cap, the same mason should be able to repair them.

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