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Published on April 27th, 2017 | by Henri


UV light or plasma unit to purify air

Q.  We just finished a bathroom remodel and want to have our furnace cleaned along with air ducts cleaned. We have forced air furnace and central air. Our HVAC contractor advises the installation of a UV light or a plasma unit that also provides the same things. The only difference between the two options of UV light and the Plasma unit is that the UV light has a light and you can see it while the plasma unit mounts inside of furnace and you do not see it.

Are these devices worth the investment? Please advise and thank you.

A. There are two types of UV lights. One is to sterilize the coil. It is installed inside the return air duct and sterilizes the air handler coil. It runs constantly and is the lesser-priced type. The other type sterilizes the air as it passes through the return air duct and cycles on and off with the blower.
A cold plasma unit produces positive and negative ions in the air stream. These ions purify the duct work and the circulated air, which purifies the entire home as the blower comes on.

All these units have been found to be beneficial in purifying indoor air. The choice may be made by the difference in total cost.

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