Siding Vinyl trim gets chalky when wet

Published on April 27th, 2017 | by Henri


Vinyl trim sheds chalky film when it gets wet

Q.  I put some white vinyl trim on my house that sheds whenever it rains so I always have a white chalky film on my siding and windows.  Can I paint over it or somehow seal it?  A photo shows the exposure of the trim to snowmelt.  Suggestions please!

A.  White vinyl has a chalking feature in order to keep it clean. It should eventually stop chalking.

To successfully paint it, be sure that you remove whatever chalking material is left on the trim by washing it with a solution of 3-parts water to 1-part TSP-PF (buy in hardware or paint stores); rinse well. Prime the trim with a coat of B-I-N and your choice of quality exterior latex paint.

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