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Published on May 24th, 2017 | by Henri


Replacing roof and siding

Q.  I am reaching out from Herndon, Virginia. My home was built in 1986. It is 2-story with asphalt shingles and aluminum siding, with no basement (It’s built on a concrete slab.) I am the third owner and have lived in the house since 2004. I am nearing the time that I will have to replace the shingles and the siding (with the associated gutters and downspouts.) None of which is in need of immediate repair.

Assuming I can’t replace both at the same time, is it better to replace the roof first or the siding first?

A.  I would recommend that you replace the roof first because the removal of the existing shingles may cause some damage to the siding from the shoveling of shingles onto the ground or a truck, if it possible to bring one close to the house on all sides.

If the existing roof is the original one, the selected roofer may recommend adding the new one to it. It does eliminate the cost of removal and disposal, but it must be done by someone who is experienced in that process or the end product may be of a roofing looking like waves.

It is also essential to check that the existing rafters can take the extra load; this may require retaining the services of a structural engineer. It may be OK to use this alternative in Virginia, but it certainly is not recommended in heavy snow regions. And I personally would not recommend it.

When the time comes to replace the gutters, consider paying slightly more for commercial gutters and downspouts. The gutters are 6 inches wide instead of 5 inches and the spouts have a cross section of 3-inch by 4-inch instead of 2-inch by 3-inch – twice the capacity. The most important part of this combination is the downspouts. If the chosen gutter subcontractor is willing to install commercial downspouts to residential gutters with the appropriate outlet on the gutter, it is an acceptable alternative. As my old metalsmith subcontractor told me in the ‘50’s: “A dead pigeon would flush right through these downspouts.”

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