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Published on June 17th, 2017 | by Henri


Moles are hard to get rid of

Q.  Regarding an earlier question about moles, a friend suggested using TomCat® Mole Killer Poison Worm Baits. And moles have a very high mortality rate so hopefully they will not survive the winter. But the only way we found to get rid of moles was to find a hole to the tunnel, fill with water, and wait for the mole to leave the flooded tunnel. A whack with a shovel will do them in. Icky but the only solution we found to work.”

A. You’ve had better luck than I have had. The moles in our lawn must have had another exit and I never saw one come out, but I don’t think they drowned, as the tunneling remained active. We have also tried electronic deterrents with limited success.

Research indicated that they were after grubs in the lawn. An entomologist friend joked that they were good friends trying to clean the lawn of grubs, but he also suggested treating the lawn with milky spores, which will eventually kill the grubs.

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