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Published on June 18th, 2017 | by Henri


Casement window frame warped

Q.  According to my kids, the person who takes care of them in our home during the work week has been opening a wooden casement window in my kitchen every day throughout the winter despite my having told her not to do so. Today, the temperatures were warm and this evening it began to rain. Rainwater is now dripping from the top of the casement frame and on to the interior sill. Is it likely that having the casement swung open into the cold warped the frame? If so, is there any chance that it will unwarp? I can ill afford a new window at this time.

A. When you refer to the frame of the casement window, I assume that you mean the frame of the moveable casement itself and not the overall frame of the window that is secured to the wall.

If the leakage comes from the overall window frame, you have another more serious problem, but I assume that you would have noticed the leakage before.

If the moveable casement is solid wood, it is possible that its frame has warped slightly. If the casement has two handles to shut it tightly, close both as much as you can and wait to see what happens over several months.

If this does not solve the problem, the alternative is to replace the moveable unit if your window type is still available.

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