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Published on June 18th, 2017 | by Henri


Tightening furniture joints

Q.  There used to be a product called wood-swell or wood-lock or something of that nature, which was very useful for tightening joints on chairs, beds, etc. It would eventually wear out, but as a temporary fix it was ideal. I can’t find it anywhere. It was probably declared toxic, I suppose!

Is there any comparable product on the market today? We are moving a couple of old beds with shrunken joints (the beds, not us) and I thought it might be just the thing to use prior to putting the frames back together again. Thanks!

A.    There are a number of products to tighten loose joints in furniture. I have not done comparative testing, but any of them should help.

  • WonderLok ‘Em Loose Joint Repair is available at  or from your local Ace Hardware Store.
  • Swel-Lock is available through
  • Chair-Loc from
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