Patios Patio table legs corroding

Published on August 1st, 2017 | by Henri


Patio table legs corroding

Q. My outdoor patio table has developed small areas of a corrosion (white residue) on the bottom of the legs.  I believe it is made of aluminum as it is very light weight.  I have been unable to find any type of cleaner.  When I search aluminum jelly the search always ends in the product being no longer available.  Can you assist with this problem?

A. From the photo you sent, I see what looks as if the table’s legs have bare aluminum tips whereas the rest of the legs have been anodized. The white “residue” may be the normal oxidation that occurs as aluminum reacts to the environment (oxygen and water) and a surface oxide develops, protecting it from further reaction with the environment. This is one of the interesting properties of aluminum. On the other hand, ferrous materials develop rust, and rust, instead of protecting the base material, continues to cause its deterioration.

If you were to remove this oxidation, you would expose the aluminum to further oxidation and the process would recur.

But if you are concerned about the looks, after you have removed the oxidation with coarse sandpaper, you can paint the bare aluminum tips with an appropriate metal paint to prevent the repeat of the oxidation process.

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