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Published on August 1st, 2017 | by Henri


Web site is back after technical failure

This is a note from the site administrator.

As a result of a technical failure that shut down the site and damaged our backups, the site has been nonfunctional for several weeks. Loyal readers have found a confusing array of old and damaged versions, or else nothing at all. It’s a long story–but the bottom line is that it crashed, and our backups were seriously damaged in the process. We lost a fair number of posts, as well as graphics and other important features.

This has been a painful experience. We have been working hard to bring the site back to where it was. Although a number of posts from the last couple of months have been lost. we are now in a position to begin catching up with the many posts that went unpublished during the down period.

We are grateful to the many readers who have continued to follow this blog and who have expressed concern about the technical breakdown. We hope you will now resume checking it regularly or subscribing (free of charge) to the regular updates.

And meanwhile, thank you for your patience!



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