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Restoring vinyl siding

Q.  I’m interested in your professional opinion of vinyl siding restoration products. I’m sure that you are familiar with the faded and chalkiness that happens to vinyl over the years.

I’m a contractor and recently re-sided a home for a client because they wanted to change the look. The product they had me remove is good quality .044 gauge material and there is sufficient quantity to re-side another residence, thereby re-using materials and avoiding landfill contribution.

Some products claim to restore the vibrancy of the original color and also “protect” this restored look for years to come. What products do you recommend for the cleaning and restoration of vinyl siding? Thank you.

A.  Rinse the siding with a hose (do not use a pressure washer) to wet the pollutants that have accumulated over time. You may use a soft bristle brush to help loosen the pollutants. For siding that is still on the house, start at the bottom and rinse upward keeping the siding wet at all times.

Follow this by washing the siding with a mixture of 3-parts white vinegar to 7-parts water. It should remove most if not all of the pollutants and oxidation. You may add a cup of TSP-PF per gallon of water if the water/vinegar solution doesn’t do the job well enough.

If you are not happy with the results, you can follow this with an application of one of the vinyl-siding restoration products on the market. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions as they vary by manufacturer.

If you decide to paint the siding, apply a coat of acrylic-bonding primer and let it dry completely.
Apply a latex siding paint, using a synthetic-bristle brush or a paint roller. Be sure that you paint each board completely from end to end to prevent streaking. Once the paint is thoroughly dry, apply a second coat, using the same process.

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