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Published on August 15th, 2017 | by Henri


Replacing old fence posts

Q.  My fence is pretty old and several of the 4 x 4 posts (cedar) have broken due to deterioration and I need to dig them up this weekend to replace. My question is which would last longer? Treated or Cedar with the lower portion sealed with a primer or a water proof sealer? We are not going to be in the house that much longer so may not be a big deal but I do not want to cut corner so next owner has same issue. Thanks.

A.  Heartwood cedar is a durable wood and that is most likely what you have, but it may be hard to find nowadays.

I would recommend that you use 4×4 pressure-treated posts rated for ground contact as a much longer lasting replacement. Ground contact pressure-treated wood has .40 pounds of preservative whereas above-ground P.T. wood only has .25 pounds of preservative and will not last as long with ground contact.

Be sure to treat all cuts with preservative, which you can buy in hardware and building supply stores.

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