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Published on September 21st, 2017 | by Henri


Covering Masonite siding with housewrap

Q.  I plan to put housewrap over my Masonite siding, but I cannot find a video that actually shows you how to put wrap over the Masonite siding. Do you stretch the wrap tight or does it mater? Thank you.

 A.  I am not clear as to why you want to put housewrap over your siding. Are you planning to apply new siding over the Masonite siding because it has deteriorated beyond salvage?

The housewrap should be reasonably tight, but not overtight. It should not be so loose as to flop in the wind. You may find it difficult to staple the housewrap to the Masonite siding, as it is quite dense. You may need to hammer the staples in or nail the housewrap.

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