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Published on September 21st, 2017 | by Henri


Oil smell in basement

Q.  I’m writing because I need advice on how to get an oil smell out of the basement. Our tank had a slow leak into the concrete floor. We’ve since had the tank removed and converted to natural gas. But the oil smell continues.

We want to sell and think we had better get rid of the smell. I bought a product called Nok-Out. Have you heard of it? Do you recommend something different?  Can I seal it after using Nok-Out? Thanks for helping us out.

A.  I assume that you have been successful in removing the oil stain on the floor since you do not ask how to do it.

Nok-Out is a very successful odor eliminator, but to accomplish this, it needs to come in contact with the source of the offending odor, which is the area of the oil spill. The oil has penetrated deeply into the concrete over time, as concrete is somewhat porous.

Since you already have Nok-Out, try spraying it copiously on that spot. It may take several applications.

Or, if this does not do it, you may want to try the process described below for Magic Zymes, another very effective odor eliminator. Be aware that Nok-Out has a bleach-base, whereas Magic Zymes is environmentally safer, containing all-natural ingredients, which makes it safer to use everywhere according to the manufacturer.

The best and most effective way to eliminate the oil odor from the concrete, if simply spraying has not been successful, is to buy modeling clay in an arts store, build a dam about 1-inch high around the area of the stain and pour Magic Zymes to a depth of about a 1/4-inch in the dammed area. Let it evaporate, which may take several weeks. This should do it, but if the odor is not completely gone, repeat the process.

Buy Magic Zymes on their website www.magic-zymes.com or call their toll-free number 866.478.2368. If you buy one gallon, which you will need, shipping is free.

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