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Published on November 18th, 2017 | by Henri


Ink stain inside dryer

Q.  My husband left a permanent ink pen stain in his shirt pocket and it went through the wash. What’s even worse is that it found its way into the dryer where it really raised havoc.

Is there a product I can use to try to remove all of the mess?

I’ve used the dryer many times with all the ink marks inside and the ink doesn’t seem to come off onto the clothes. It’s just that it looks so terrible when you open the dryer’s door. Thanks for your help.

A.  I assume that you have tried to remove the stain from your husband’s shirt, and probably not very successfully, by putting it in a washing machine without having dealt with it before hand; the stain is likely to be permanent.

But your question is not about dealing with the shirt but how to remove the remaining stains from the dryer. Putting the shirt in the dryer seems to have liquefied the ink, which left stains inside the dryer.

It is best to determine which ink was in the pen, as there are several types and the way to remove the stain depends on whether the ink was oil-based, water-based or gel.

Ballpoint pens are oil-based and require a solvent to remove. Rollerball pens inks are water-based and should be easy to remove. Gel pens use a highly-pigmented type of ink, which is more difficult to remove.

If you still have the pen, you should be able to go to an office supply store and have then tell you which ink is in your pen. They may also be able to tell you how to remove the stain.

But it may not be of too much help with the ink now thoroughly stuck to the dryer’s inside. I suggest you first try rubbing the stains with rubbing alcohol or a regular hand-wipe. If not successful, try acetone; be sure to have plenty of ventilation by using fans and open windows.

But you may be stuck with a colorful dryer.

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