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Published on November 18th, 2017 | by Henri


Squirrels chew through vinyl siding

Q.  Help! Starting last fall, I have had a recurring problem with squirrels chewing through the vinyl siding on my fireplace to access the cavity between the fireplace box and the outer wall.

The fireplace is brick for the first eight feet with a cement ledge, then siding all the way to the top. The squirrels sit on the cement ledge and chew through the vinyl as though it were paper.

I hired a wildlife removal company which trapped one squirrel. We left the trap for a week after the initial squirrel was trapped and it remained empty so I had the vinyl siding repaired and thought everything was fine.  However, just this weekend, there’s another hole. I am having the wildlife removal company set traps again today but what I need is a long-term solution.

I live in a townhouse community so my options are limited as far as changing the outside of the house to a different material. Do you have any suggestions?

A.    Did your wildlife people offer any ideas why the squirrels are attempting time and time again to get in the space between the fireplace box and the outer wall? It almost seems to me as if they are looking for a place to build a nest in a warm and cozy place.

If your wildlife people can’t suggest a way to prevent them from chewing your siding, try applying a solution of strong hot peppers over a sizable portion of the siding in that area. Make a batch and apply frequently, hoping that they will ultimately get the message.

If that does not completely end the chewing, less aesthetic alternatives would be to get bird spikes from a hardware store or online at or Another alternative is to apply a small section of hardware cloth (buy in hardware stores).

Bird spikes or hardware cloth can be fasteedn to the vinyl siding with small dabs of caulking or construction adhesive.

Anyone in the blue yonder with better suggestions?

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