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Published on February 19th, 2018 | by Henri


Removing pine pitch from car

Q.  I parked my car under a pine tree and found it covered with pine pitch. I have tried to remove this pitch with soap and water, but it didn’t touch it. Do you have any suggestions?

A.  I did some interesting research and found out that the best products to use are isopropyl alcohol and hand sanitizer, which is alcohol-based.

No commercial product fully removed the pine pitch; under a microscope, some residue was left, although it looked like the pitch had been removed.

The trick is to thoroughly wash the areas where the spots are in order to remove any grime that might scratch the finish. You can use a garden hose and carwash soap or powerwash.

Apply the alcohol or hand sanitizer on a terry cloth, paper towel, or scrubbing sponge and rub the pitch gently in a circular fashion.
As soon as the pith has been dissolved, which only takes a few seconds, wash the treated spots with soap and water to remove the alcohol so as not to risk damaging the car’s finish.

Apply some wax to the treated spots to protect the finish. Or you can take the car to a carwash that offers a wax finish.

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