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Published on February 19th, 2018 | by Henri


Replacing a furnace boiler

Q. I am struggling with a furnace replacement decision, which brand/model to consider. Our current gas boiler was the original installed in 1992-1993. It heats by way of water baseboard heat. It is a Slant Fin boiler and we’ve been pleased with it. We’ve only had a few problems over the years.

This year the relays all needed replacing and we realize it’s just a matter of time so we’re interested in replacing the boiler. We have a plumber whom we trust recommending a Weil McLean gas boiler to replace our current one. The plumber says they’re easy to install and easy to repair. We have a 4-zone home (3 levels of living space and the hot water tank).

The square footage of each floor is 1100 and about 800 living space in basement, total 3000 to heat. The reviews on the Weil McLean look mixed, especially for cold weather areas, like we have in Vermont. Also the reviews mention difficulty getting and waiting times for parts needed for repairs.

Our hot water tank will also be replaced at the same time. We contacted our gas company which also provides service/repairs for gas furnaces and asked for a recommendation or note of those they repair frequently and they could not give us any thoughts about brands to avoid, or to recommend. We don’t have any contacts who have had to replace a furnace so we’re not sure what brand to look at.

Do you have a recommendation for gas boiler and hot water tank? Thank you.

A.  Most brands of furnaces and boilers will have good and not-so-good reviews. The main thing is to have a reputable and trusted contractor to do the installation and servicing when it becomes necessary. You are fortunate to have such a contractor, and you may want to follow his/her advice.

But you may also want to ask him/her if they can install a Buderus boiler, which has a good track record.

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