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Published on May 18th, 2018 | by Henri


Ice forms around furnace flue

Q.  I am having frost and icing up problems. My furnace is two years old and several HVAC guys out and a contractor have not been able to figure out the problem. I am wondering if the furnace was installed correctly.

The problems, in a nutshell, are:

  1.  The flue from the furnace is icing up on the roof.
  2.  There is frost forming inside the house on the ceiling in the second floor.

I hope you can help.

A.  Efficient furnaces should not have their exhaust vented through regular chimneys or a new chimney going through the roof. The gases they emit are cool compared to older, non-efficient furnaces and, traveling through a cold chimney and cold spaces, they freeze up.

These newer furnaces should be vented through the rim joists of the first floor.

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