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Black spots in toilet

Q.  After trying many things to remove black spots from the toilet bowl I finally found one that works. Make a paste out of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide. Scrub the paste on the spot with a brush and let it set for fifteen minutes, rinse and repeat if necessary. Make sure the bowl is dry before applying the paste. It took a few applications but it worked for me.

Thanks for all of your helpful hints.

A.  Thank you for sharing your successful remedy. Here are a couple more:

Although I have never tried it, several readers over the years have told me of their success with pouring a bottle of Coke in the bowl and scrubbing the stains.

Another very successful stain remover is muriatic acid, but it must be used with great caution as it is very caustic.

Wear heavy duty rubber gloves, old clothes and eye protection. Very slowly pour about a cup of the acid into the bowl, making sure it does not splash. Close the toilet lid and let it stand for an hour or so, overnight if you can. Scrub the stains and flush the toilet.

The acid is so diluted by that time that it will not cause any problem in septic systems.

You can buy muriatic acid in hardware and paint stores.

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