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Published on July 23rd, 2018 | by Henri


Wood floor warped by refrigerator leak

Q.  A water tube connected to the back of our refrigerator developed a tear, causing water to spray out and leak under the wall behind the refrigerator and to the side of the refrigerator along the kitchen’s wood floor. The wood floor looks fine, but has warped in a way that makes it uneven to walk on. I’m afraid of someone tripping on it. Will this correct itself in time as it dries out? If not, do we need to rip out the floor and replace it, or could it be corrected via refinishing?  We have not refinished the floor since it was installed in 2010. Thanks for any advice.

A. If the wood floor, which I assume is strip hardwood, has cupped, the water ran under the boards causing the bottom of the boards to swell. This is likely what happens since you mention that the floor looks good.

The repair depends on the severity of the cupping. If it is really minor, less than 1/16 of an inch, it may be possible to sand the floor and refinish it.

But it is difficult to advise without seeing the problem. Your best bet is to contact flooring contractors for their advice. I suggest you contact two of three contractors to get different opinions, as some may want to do a more drastic job than needed

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