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Published on August 28th, 2018 | by Henri


Gutters clogged by catkins

Q.  Do you know if the following problem is addressed by Englert’s one-piece LeafGuard gutter system?

My house is on a suburban lot with several oak trees. My gutters are capped with covers that are designed using the physics principle of “Liquid Adhesion.” Every Spring, the oak trees drop their catkins and when they are moistened by rain, the perforated openings in the gutter hood tracks get clogged.

Instead of draining into the gutter, the rainwater runs over the gutter hood. I have had to get on a ladder to sweep the hood channel with a whisk broom to clear the clogged track.

LeafGuard advertises a Lifetime “Clog-Free Guarantee.” My gutter caps never get clogged with leaves, but oak tree catkins are another story. I would appreciate any information that you may have regarding this catkin-clogging issue before I get involved with a LeafGuard sales person. Thank you.

A.  The Englert LeafGuard gutter system uses an oversize gutter and 3-inch by 4-inch downspouts, the same dimensions of commercial gutters. They are simply commercial gutters and spouts with a cap added.

They work on the same principle: all roof debris will follow the cap and end up into the gutter from where they flow down into the commercial-type downspout.

So ask yourself if it is worth the extra cost of the LeafGuard gutters when you can get the same results by changing your residential gutters to the commercial types, which cost only about a dollar more per foot than residential ones.

Most gutter specialists offer both residential and commercial systems.

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