House Wrap Housewrap under vinyl siding

Published on October 20th, 2018 | by Henri


Housewrap needed with vinyl siding

Q.  Would you consider purchasing a 17 year old home (built in 2001) that has vinyl siding and has never had Tyvek wrap? A home inspector discovered the home we are looking to purchase does not have anything between the siding and the plywood. What are the concerns of current and future problems because there has not been any protection?

A.   The lack of a housewrap or felt covering the sheathing is of particular concern with vinyl siding, which is not waterproof. Wind-driven rain and other potential issues related to the installation of the siding require some water repellent membrane to protect the sheathing below the siding.

If the sheathing had been rigid polyiso with all joints taped, this would be considered the water repellent membrane.

This sounds as if the builder skimped on an important element, which would make me wonder what else did he or she cut corners on or omit altogether.

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