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Published on October 20th, 2018 | by Henri


Sealing an asphalt driveway

Q.   A company left a proposal offering to seal my asphalt driveway which is several years old and turning gray. The flyer says they use a Goodyear rubber flex mfg. product.  I’m not familiar with this type of sealer.  Do you know anything about it?

A.  I would be wary of anyone who contacted you either by stopping by or by leaving a proposal at your home without your initiating the call. This is generally highly suspicious.

It is normal for your driveway to turn gray after a few years. It simply means that the oils have finally dried up.
Since your driveway is several years old, it is a good time to protect it with an appropriate sealer.

I am not aware of long-term experience with the many flex seal products available from a variety of sources. The long-time advice from the pros is that the best coatings are acrylic, but they are more expensive that the old standby rubberized coal tar emulsion. Unfortunately, the coal tar emulsion coatings exude high VOC, whereas acrylic sealers exude less.

Choose an experienced contractor and ask for references – some recent and some several years old – and check them out to ensure satisfaction with the work and how any need for a followup was handled.

Any coating should be applied in thin layers in hot weather on a clean surface free of oil and other stains. It should not be reapplied for several years until the earlier coating has worn out enough. Be sure to use the same type of sealer for subsequent applications to avoid any adhesion problems.

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