Ventilation Attic fan with thermostat

Published on October 20th, 2018 | by Henri


Water heater with attic fan

Q.  I have a roof thermostat fan for the attic.

I changed the water heater and everything remained the same. But now I get down draft negative pressure when heater and fan are on at the same time.

Because of that, now I don’t use fan, and the attic is not getting any ventilation. Any suggestions? Thank you.

A.  Attic fans are notorious for robbing conditioned air from the living area because it is very difficult to provide them with the amount of makeup air they require in the attic itself. So the fan gets that makeup air from any source it can — in your case the flue of your water heater, which is obviously not electric.

I suggest that you consider no longer using the roofing fan; these fans have more negative effects than positive ones.

Attic ventilation is best provided with a combination of full length soffit vents and an externally baffled ridge vent combined with an unobstructed air flow between them.

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