About This Site

About This Site:

Henri de Marne’s nationally syndicated newspaper columns have served as an important source of information for homeowners for over 38 years. This site provides a new opportunity for access to his sound advice.

Although it is separate from the newspaper column, it follows a similar question-and-answer format. You are invited to submit questions by email: send them to aboutthehouse@gmavt.net. The content of this blog, like the newspaper column,  is determined by its readers.


This site is made possible by the generosity of its sponsors. We limit the amount of advertising, to make sure that it does not detract from the content, and we reserve the right to refuse or to discontinue any advertisement. However, we hope that readers who appreciate the material on this site will also appreciate the advertisers who support it.

This site is published by Upper Access Book Publishers, which also publishes the book About the House with Henri de Marne. All advertising agreements are made through Upper Access. Click here for a PDF document showing AdRates, including sample rates and sizes.. For more information, contact the publisher at steve@upperaccess.com or 802-482-2988.

Commenting on Blog Posts:

Your comments are encouraged, as long as they are civil and relevant to the subject matter. If you are not ready to e-mail a question to be used as a blog topic, but have something to say about one if Henri’s posts, the “comments” function is useful. To protect the site from spam, your comments will not appear until approved by the site administrator. This will sometimes happen in minutes, and will almost always happen within 24 hours. Commenters are not required to fully identify themselves, but must provide a valid email address. We will not share your e-mail address, and will use it only if we have reason to contact you to ask for additional information.


There is no charge for subscriptions. To receive notification of new posts by e-mail, simply check the “Subscribe” button that appears at the upper right of each page, and provide your e-mail address. This is strictly to protect the site from spammers. We will never share your address with others, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted e-mail. When you subscribe, you will be given a choice of how often you would like to receive updates. You can receive the information every time a new post is made, or else get reports at intervals that you choose, such as once a day or once a week. You can change these choices at any time if you wish to do so.

 Contact Information:

For questions to Henri de Marne:  aboutthehouse@gmavt.net

For information about advertising or other elements of the Web site, contact Steve Carlson: steve@upperaccess.com


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