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ATH-Cover-RGB-reducedIn addition to his blog and newspaper column, Henri de Marne is author of one of the most comprehensive reference books for homeowners, About the House with Henri de Marne.

The thick paperback edition (464 pages, $16.95) is a standard resourcefor homeowners everywhere.

Now, an expanded e-book edition is available, with even more material and a lower price. The e-book version was selected by Independent Publishers of New England as 2014 E-Book of the Year.

The award-winning e-book edition (equivalent of about 900 pages, $9.95) is available in all standard formats.

For an ePub edition (generic to most e-book readers) or a PDF version (handy to search for information on your computer), go to the site of the publisher, Upper Access Books, at UpperAccess.com.  To go directly to the part of the site to order various versions of Henri’s book is Click Here.  

Other formats can be purchased at their usual locations–a Kindle version from Amazon, a Nook version from Barnes and Noble, or a Kobo version from your local independent bookstore. Of course, the paper book can also be purchased from any of these sources.

Praise for the book . . .

“A house does not heal itself. Which is perhaps why I’m so fond of About the House with Henri de Marne. It’s a question-and-answer book you can browse randomly, flitting from topic to topic until you come across a problem you have in your own home and then find an immediate solution to it.”

—Kathy Price-Robinson, Los Angeles Times
“I read a lot of books on real estate, and most are only marginally useful. Many are by experienced writers who don’t truly understand the topic but get published anyway. Others are by knowledgeable authors, but their lack of writing skills makes their books hard to use or difficult to read.
“This week I’m happy to report on the new book, About the House with Henri de Marne: How to Maintain, Repair, Upgrade and Enjoy Your Home. De Marne’s book would make a good gift, especially for a first-time home buyer. It’s a manual that covers any array of household tasks and gives a great overview of the physical elements of a house.”

—John Adams, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Henri de Marne has compiled over 32 years of savvy construction expertise in this very practical book on just about everything that can happen—or go wrong—with a house. A real treasure-trove of commonsense advice.”

—Journal of Light Construction Update

“Henri de Marne, known for his newspaper column ‘First Aid for the Ailing House,’ answers more than 1,000 frequently asked questions from homeowners in About the House with Henri de Marne: How to Maintain, Repair, Upgrade and Enjoy Your Home

—Publishers Weekly

“Complete with photographs, diagrams, and drawings, Mr. de Marne leaves no stone unturned and eliminates those pesky multiple trips to the hardware store. . . . A perfect addition to every home, About the House should be a standard fixture next to your medical, cooking, and other reference books. A great gift for existing homeowners or new ones, and I’m not ignoring renters. If you live in a building you should have this book.

—Mark Nash, Reviewer’s Bookwatch

“An excellent resource of tips, tricks, and techniques for keeping one’s home in top condition.”

—Midwest Book Review

“This book may become my top reference for household repair and maintenance. About the House is immediately accessible with clear headings. . . . . The scope of the book runs the gamut from Astroturf (how to remove it from a veranda with boiling water) to zinc roofing strips (to prevent growth of mould and algae).”

—Sheila Robertson, Acreage Life

“Henri de Marne puts years of experience as a home inspector to good use in his new book About the House. The entire book is made up of Q&As, explaining and solving homeowners’ frustrations—from hot-water pipes that bang and filling scratches in laminate countergops to deterring woodpeckers and mildew.

Tucson Home Magazine

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